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XR Stage Rental – Los Angeles (North Hollywood) – Virtual Production – 30 ft. Panoramic Curved LED Wall

Contact us at 818-641-0220 to discuss rates and reservations for this LED XR Stage.

Extended Reality (XR) LED Virtual Production Stage

What is an XR Stage?

XR stands for extended reality.

An XR Stage will immerse your talent in a virtual environment, complete with lighting. Virtual sets can be changed in real-time using Unreal Engine to make any necessary alterations and be displayed on the high resolution LED wall. The LED screen can also play back pre-shot and edited video as well as pre-rendered animations and motion graphics.

What uses would our production have for an XR LED Virtual Production Stage?

We are now offering for rental our new high resolution 30ft panoramic LED video wall. The LED screen is a versatile backdrop and FX solution to cover a wide variety of filming needs. This state-of-the art 4k screen uses LED Technology and serves as a modern alternative to green screen & can be used for in-camera vfx, car commercials, live music performances, streaming virtual festivals, textural product demos, and more.

XR Stage Specs

• Curvature – 6° (Center Panels, 3 Columns), 3° (Outer Panels)

• 30′ W x 13.1 H – 3456×1536 Resolution

• Novastar / Magna Image 4K LED Processor

• 2.6 pixel pitch – 2.25:1 Aspect Ratio – 60Hz Refresh Rate

• Media server for Unreal 5.1, Aximmetry

• Media playback (Video/PPT/Keynote available) and LED mapping

• Vive Mars tracking system

• Unreal Engine Technology – TV & Film

• Unreal Engine Virtual Sets Library available

• Virtual Sets perfect for feature films, TV series, and reporting news!

• 7000 sq. ft. studio with 6000 sq. ft. of open stage

Plenty of stage area for your production!

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Virtual Sets

XR Stages LA currently offers for rental a library of 45+ Virtual Sets powered by Unreal Engine. Anything from a nature environment to a sci-fi chamber to a mansion or a courtroom and so much more is right at your fingertips!

Check out the gallery below for a few Virtual Set samples or visit our Virtual Sets page to view the entire catalog!

Call us at 818-641-0220 to discuss rates for Virtual Set Rental.

Virtual Set Samples

Services & General Studio Add-ons

• Large Scissor Lift rental on premises

• Forklift Rental on premises

• 3 Yard Dumpster

• Cleaning Fee – $250 to $550 depending on inspection (if needed)

• Supplemental crew support • Inquire for price

XR Stage Rental Includes the following …..

LED XR STAGE Curved Wall +

  • 25 -Ton AC
  • High speed internet
  • 45 Car/Truck Secure Parking – Gated
  • 3 drive-in (loading & stage entrance for vehicles) 15ft, (H) x 12 ft. (W)
  • 4 Recycle Bins
  • Furnished Green rooms/Kitchen
  • Large fridge/Microwave
  • Production offices
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Lobby and Talent Entrance
  • Power 300 amps – 3 phase panel – Total of 900 Amps of Power
  • 3 Wardrobe Racks/Hangers
  • 1 Large Make up Station
  • Additional 4,000sf. Stage for overflow (Please call for Rates!)

360 Degree Pan of Studio

We are currently booking clients for this XR Stage. Contact us at 818-641-0220 to discuss rates and reservations for the XR Stage.


After you’ve made your reservation for this location, you may make payment via ACH, Zelle, or Venmo.


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30 ft. LED Wall in 7000 sq. ft. studio. Call 818-641-0220 for rates & reservations
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