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Green Screen – Los Angeles

Green Screen in 3100 square feet of stage space (LED Wall Not Included). “All In Rates” – $1750/shoot days – $900/prep & strike days




Green Screen - Los Angeles (Glendale)

Location: 5301 Exchange St., Los Angeles, CA. 90039

(Close to 5/134 intersection in Glendale)

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3,100sf. Stage Dimensions are 46ft. W x 70ft. L and 15.5ft. high to light grid!

1 Wall Green Screen Dimensions are 30ft. x 15.5ft. high to light grid!

No Film Permit Is needed (We Have Standing Film Permit)

Power 300 Amps 3 Phase on Cam-lock, 900 Amps Total

Central Air The whole building

Internet Wifi – Type: Coaxial
600 Mb/s download & 35Mb/s upload (Blazing Fast)

Private Furnished Green room/Production office with double sink kitchen and full fridge!

2 Large Talent and Crew Restroom on the Stage

Private in closed 30 Car/Truck Parking On-Site

1 Large Drive in Roll up Door (You can bring in a Semi truck)

On-Site Stage Manager

3 Yard Dumpster Bin On-Site

4 Blue Recycling bins in parking lot

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Call Vic AnthonyCell: 818.641.0220WhatsApp / Text / 24/7 to inquire about availability of this studio and make a reservation.

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